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My Underarm Sweat Problem Was So Bad It Actually Made Me Feel Uncomfortable In My Own Skin

40 year old female teacher 

A 40 year old teacher who's Severe underarm sweating affected her confidence at work and turned her into a very nervous person.
Here is her story…

"My problem with sweating started very early on in life. It was awful, and actually made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed of the sweat patches that were constantly staining my clothes. Throughout my life, I tried various ways of battling this issue but none of them have ever worked for me.

As a full-time teacher, I spend most of my days rushing around and speaking in front of people, so looking smart and composed is extremely important. Severe sweating has definitely affected my confidence at work and has turned me into a very nervous person, worried that my colleagues or pupils would notice the visible sweat patches under my arms.

Excessive sweating also had an impact on my wardrobe and made wearing colours impossible, restricting me to black tops and dresses, so that I could cover up the unsightly patches. The day I was a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding will stay with me forever, I stained a beautiful fuchsia coloured dress and it was absolutely mortifying. From the minute I got into the car on the day of the wedding, I could feel myself dripping with sweat and I ended up with toilet paper stuffed under my arms to try and absorb it during the day!

From that day, I decided to look for medical products that could help. One of the methods I was excited about trying, was the prescribed roll on deodorant, which I used over-night. I really believed it was going to make a difference, but unfortunately it just turned out to be very uncomfortable irritating my skin because it was full of chemicals! Botox injections were never really an option either as they are too expensive and I read that they are painful too.

It was like a dream come true when I stumbled upon dandi patch online. I found myself instantly drawn to the product because it was affordable and sounded like my prefect saviour. The first time I tried it was at work and I have to say that not one drop of sweat escaped all day. It really is a fantastic product, really easy to use and comfortable to wear. I would highly recommend it to anyone!"

If Sweat Has Made You lose your Self Confidence.  then you may find dandi® patch will be the perfect solution for you too! Try risk free today with our 100% satisfaction Guarantee... 

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