dandi patch gets into the hands of Oscar nominees & BRIT Award celebs

dandi® patch is the fashion accessory of the year that has even found its way into celebrity wardrobes! Everyone sweats, its natural, but it's still embarrassing when we notice a dark circle appearing under our armpits! And, let’s face it, celebs get an even worse deal as the pap’s snap the moment on camera; well not anymore!

Oscar nominees & BRIT Award celebs receive dandi patch

This year the Oscar nominees shortlisted for all major acting and directing categories at the 2018 Academy Awards, as well as the artists that attended the Universal Music BRITs After Party, received their own pack of dandi® patch to help prevent these embarrassing moments from happening.

If you haven’t heard of this amazing underarm patch yet then you should know that it’s ‘magic powers’ include preventing yellow underarm stains, stopping sweat marks and trapping odour; all whilst being paraben and aluminium free. If you want to join the trend and find out what it is like to actually wear a khaki, light blue or grey top (without the fear of excess sweat ruining your outfit), then treat yourself to a pack from just £8.99.

To top it all off you can catch Theresa Pope, our co-founder and Managing Director, reporting live from the red carpets in LA! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram so that you see all the celeb outfits and gossip first hand!

Enjoy the Oscars, we are off to put our glitziest outfits on!


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