Our Story

Theresa and Hayley Co-Founders of dandi® patchAs businesswomen, co-founders and sisters, Theresa Pope and Hayley Leete knew from first-hand experience how stressful meetings and interactions could leave their mark.

Personal experience proved how underarm sweat stains cause embarrassment and unease both for the sufferer and also for the people around them, but rarely was anything said about it. If people weren’t willing to discuss the problem, they thought, it was even less likely they would ever do anything about it.

A short while later they were watching an episode of the Ellen Show starring Halle Berry. They noticed, along with all the other viewers, that Halle Berry was really suffering from underarm sweat, visibly staining her khaki top. It made them think that if someone with Halle Berry’s resources couldn’t find a solution, and had to go through that on live TV, then what chance did anyone else have!

This inspired them to do some more research. After searching the internet, reading through the hundreds of forums and trawling through the many inconspicuous, uncomfortable, and ineffective products on the market, they decided something needed to be done.

Further research quickly showed them just how disastrous an effect excessive sweating can have on a person’s confidence, abilities and the kind of strains it puts on everyday life. It is more of a problem than most people realise and they were convinced that a discreet, comfortable and healthy solution was needed; hence the idea of dandi® patch was born.

After a few years of being at market, the sisters have decided it’s time to start expanding their product range. They have been working on the dandi® pad – this new product will join the dandi® London range, to provide a high quality sweat solution that sticks to the inside of clothing! 

Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide products which solve problems, making dandi® London the home of secret hacks to keep you looking and feeling great.

We aim to continue to innovate and produce further products which will solve frustrating issues ensuring you are always at your best.

If you have any suggestions regarding products or problems you want us to solve then please do get in touch on customer.service@dandilondon.com. Feedback from our customers is the driving force of our innovation.

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