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dandi® London was set up by businesswomen, co-founders and sisters, Theresa Pope and Hayley Leete. Located and established in the UK our full range of products provide little solutions to big problems.

Theresa and Hayley Co-Founders of dandi® patch

We provide new, alternative sweat management solutions for men and women, solving this problem in the most discreet way.  At dandi®  we enable the user to wear the clothes and colours they would normally avoid, including thin and sheer materials.

Our disruptive sweat management products enable confidence in appearance whilst addressing consumer concerns regarding the potentially harmful substances deodorants, anti-perspirants, hair removal products and skin contact products contain.

Our patented dandi® Patch is the most discreet and effective solution to embarrassing underarm sweat available. The patch is applied directly to your underarm skin, is super thin, absorbs sweat and traps in all odour, preventing visible sweat marks and unsightly staining. Suitable for anyone who suffers underarm sweat and wants a healthy alternative to deodorants and antiperspirants, or simply wants to protect their favourite clothes from underarm staining.

Our second solution is the dandi® Pad which is a slim, absorbent pad that sticks to your clothing. This efficient pad holds 1,000 times the average amount of underarm sweat. The super soft outer layer feels comfortable against the skin, whilst the absorbent and waterproof layers ensure your clothes stay dry and protected all day.

Perfect for smooth skin, our dandi® London underarm painless hair remover is suitable for both men and women. It works effectively on all underarm shapes including hollow or deep armpits. Designed to gently trim and remove unwanted stubble and hair. It is incredibly easy to use with a gentle touch sensation that does not irritate the skin or cause pain.

Our dandi® unisex silicone nipple covers are perfect for ensuring an ultra-smooth shape and appearance to your chest area. Discreet, effective and practical, they are ideal for use under thin and even sheer fabrics, preventing unwanted noticeable protrusions. They are reusable and perfect for wearing with any outfit, including backless, plunge, t-shirts and fine shirts. Can also be worn to prevent chafing especially during exercise.


Our Vision:

Our vision is to provide products which solve problems, making dandi® London the home of secret hacks to keep you looking and feeling great.

dandi® London are continuing to expand their brand to include little solutions to other problems we have to deal with in our quest to look our best.

If you have any suggestions regarding products or problems you want us to solve then please do get in touch on Feedback from our customers is the driving force of our innovation.

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