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The dandi® Pad

At last a solution that means you can stop worrying about sweat marks. The dandi® pad is a simple but brilliant fashion hack for men and women that will keep your clothing protected from underarm sweat. This clever little sweat pad adheres to the underarm of your clothing, staying in place all day long so you can get on with your day in confidence. It is designed to be super thin with maximum comfort and fast absorption. Here are just some of the reasons why you should try dandi® pad today...

Man and woman applying dandi® patch underarm sweat pads. Use to stop pit stains, sweat marks, excessive sweating and hyperhidrosis perspiration.

Sweat Marks and Sweat Stains:

    • Protects against embarrassing wet sweat marks in the underarm region.
    • Prevents both white deodorant stains and yellow sweat stains from forming on the underarms of clothing; with the dandi pad you can stop throwing away clothing due to underarm staining!
    • Quickly absorbs and locks in sweat with the capacity to hold up to 1000x the average amount of underarm sweat.
    • Can be used on dry clean only items to help reduce the number of visits needed to the dry cleaners.


      • The dandi® pad is a non-intrusive solution to sweat marks, letting the body sweat naturally.
      • The sweat pads can be paired with an odour control method of your own choice. Therefore, if chemicals are a concern for you then you can pair the pads with natural deodorants.


      • The dandi pad adheres to the clothes making it a great sweat solution for anyone with hyper-sensitive skin.
      • The pads are easy to apply and remove.


    What is dandi pad

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