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Are you looking at ways to boost income in your store? If you run or own your own hairdressers, beauty salon, barbershop, tattooist, men or women’s fashion store, bridal boutique or chemist then why not look at stocking dandi® London products to generate some extra revenue.  

Having a good retail business is great for up-selling to clients after their appointments, to customers during purchases or maybe even catching the eye of passers by. Having sold our products exclusively online we now sell our dandi® London products worldwide to over 40 countries. As part of our growth programme we are looking to increase our customer base within the UK so that it is no longer exclusive to our website, instead can be purchased offline via a multiple of retail stores. If you have a retail store located outside of the UK and interested in stocking our products, please do still get in touch as we will then discuss if there is a local distributor that can manage your account.

About us…don’t sweat it!
dandi® London provide discreet and effective sweat solutions to prevent embarrassing sweat marks, odour and unsightly yellow staining. The dandi® London anti-sweat products are suitable for anyone who suffers with sweat, wants an alternative to antiperspirant or deodorant, or simply wants to protect their favourite clothes from underarm staining. We have both male and female versions of all our products. Excessive underarm sweat or axillary hyperhidrosis is a daily struggle which can interfere with every aspect of your life, causing anxiety, frustration and embarrassment.

The problem…underarm sweat
Considered more embarrassing than acne, coldsores or dandruff and has devastating effects on emotional well-being and self image. I causes embarrassment in relationships, work places and social settings thus affecting confidence. Clothes are ruined due to yellow staining from sweat and there is no cure!

Our sweat solutions products dandi® Patch or dandi® Pad

dandi® Patch

  • Can be worn all day long
  • Adheres directly to the armpit making it ultra-discreet
  • Acts as a barrier between armpit sweat and clothing
  • Super absorbent holding 2000x the average amount of underarm sweat
  • Prevents wet sweat marks, yellow sweat stains and white deodorant soils
  • Traps in all odour
  • Unscented so you can wear your favourite perfume or aftershave
  • Suitable under a variety of materials including lace, chiffon and silk
  • A healthy antiperspirant and deodorant alternative that is paraben and aluminium free

dandi® Pad

  • Can be worn all day long
  • Adheres directly to the clothing
  • Acts as a barrier between armpit sweat and clothing
  • Quickly absorbs moisture catching sweat rapidly upon release
  • Can absorb up to 1000x the average amount of underarm sweat
  • Prevents wet sweat marks, yellow sweat stains and white deodorant soils
  • A quick sweat solution with no need to shave
  • Can be paired with your favourite odour protection


dandi® London Painless hair remover
dandi® London underarm painless hair remover is suitable for both men and women. Our hair remover works effectively on all underarm shapes including hollow or deep armpits that are normally difficult to shave with hand razors and some larger electric razors. Designed to gently trim and remove unwanted stubble or hair. It is incredibly easy to use with a gentle touch sensation that does not irritate the skin or cause pain. Ideal for using prior to applying dandi® London patches.


dandi® London Nipple Covers
The dandi London nipple covers are perfect for ensuring an ultra-smooth shape and appearance to your chest area.  Discreet, effective and practical, they are ideal for use under thin, and even sheer fabrics, preventing unwanted noticeable protrusions.  With a long lasting, self-adhesive backing, the nipple covers are comfortable to wear, secure, and are perfect for wearing with any outfit, including backless, plunge, t-shirts  and fine shirts. They also preventing chafing and so are great for sports too.

At 7cm in diameter, they fit all sizes and are reusable.  With a natural look and feel, they are an essential item to ensure you look and feel your best at all times. Suitable for men and women and avilable in two shades.

The market (sweat solutions)
Our target market is male and females between the ages of 15-64. The products are not only a solution for the 3% of the population who suffer with Hyperhidrosis and the 33% who suffer with excessive sweat regularly but also the 63% who occasionally suffer with underarm sweat (situational sweat) for example events in the workplace such as meetings and presentations or for social situations such as dates, nights out, parties and weddings. There is just 1% of the population that have minimal or no sweat at all, making this an ideal product for your male and female customers.



Join our team of retailers
Please contact for a copy of our lookbook for information regarding the products, featured media and customer testimonials. If you would like to find out more about the margins you can earn, the support we provide with regards to marketing and any other questions you may have then please get in touch by emailing

Don’t you think it is now time to join the sweat revolution #nosweat

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