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FAQ’s about the dandi® patch

Does the dandi patch stick to my skin or clothing?

The dandi patch adheres to your skin, this gives you greater precision for soaking up sweat and has the added benefit of trapping in odour.

How do I apply the dandi patch to my underarm?

We thought the simplest way to explain this would be to film an instructions video. You can watch it here – dandi patch directions for use.

Do I need to remove my underarm hair to wear the dandi patch?

For best results, we advise that you either remove or closely trim your underarm hair. The reason for this is that we do not want hairs to obscure the patch from securely adhering to the skin.

If I do have some small hairs left on my underarm would the patch pull them out upon removal?

No, you do not need to worry, the dandi patch will not give you a wax for free 😉 We use a kind to skin and hair adhesive ensuring your hairs will be fine even when removing the patch.

Does it hurt when you take the patch off?

No, it doesn’t hurt when you take the dandi patch off, they have specifically been designed to be kind and gentle to your skin. You simply slowly peel the patch off and no screams of the word ‘ouch’ will be declared!

Do I still need to wear antiperspirant/deodorant when I wear the patch?

No, you do not need to wear antiperspirant or deodorant whilst wearing the dandi patch as all odour will be trapped by the patch. In fact, we advise against it as they can reduce the stickiness of the patch.

Are the patches single use?

Yes, you dispose of the patches once they have been worn as they won’t re-stick and to be honest they will probably smell of your sweat so we don’t think you would like to.

Does dandi patch contain any parabens or aluminium?

No, our patch is completely free from parabens and aluminium 😊

Do you offer a money back guarantee?

Yes we do! We want to give everyone the chance of trying the dandi patch and we want every customer to be happy with their purchase, so we are always happy to refund you if our product does not work as advertised. You can find out more here.

Where is the dandi patch made?

The dandi patch is made in our co-founder’s home country of England. We want to guarantee you quality, and help increase our countries GDP 😉

Does it really stop yellow stains on white/light coloured shirts?

Our dandi patch does indeed prevent yellow underarm stains on your shirts. It isn’t magic so can’t reverse yellow stains that are on already ruined shirts, but if you start with a nice new one we can guarantee that with the use of dandi patch no yellow stains will appear under the arms. You can find out more about it in our blog: How To Stop White Stains On Yellow Shirts

Is it true that the dandi patch has been in the gift bags given to the Oscar Nominees?

We are proud to say the answer to this one is yes! Plus, if you ask our Co-Founder and Managing Director about it she will tell you about how she went to Elton John’s AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party in LA too!

FAQ’s about delivery

Do you ship worldwide?

We certainly do 🌍

How long does delivery take?

Your delivery time will depend upon where you are located, click here to find out what your predicted delivery duration is.

How much is delivery?

Delivery costs depend upon the weight of the product you are ordering and where you are located. View our delivery and returns page for more information.

Can I return my product if I change my mind or if I am not happy?

Yes, of course you can, you can view our full returns policy here.

Can we contact you should we have any questions that you haven't covered?

Yes, we love hearing from you and are here to help. We have our chat box on our website (the blue speech bubble), or you can email us directly on customer.service@dandipatch.co.uk.


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