How to Stop Yellow Stains on White Shirts

Yellow armpit stains are the worst, they ruin all your white shirts and light coloured clothing, giving you no other choice than to throw them away; even if they are a part of your favourites pile.

White t-shirt with yellow armpit stains

This blog will help you understand what causes yellow sweat stains, how you can remove yellow stains from white shirts and even better, how to prevent sweat stains and sweat marks entirely.

What causes sweat marks?

Surprisingly, sweat is actually clear in colour. It is when sweat comes into contact with your clothes, creating visible wet sweat marks, that the problems really begin. Once this sweat dries on your clothes (we understand you can’t change your shirt every time you start to get sweaty as it is just not feasible), you can be left with an outline of residue on your shirt, regularly referred to as a pit stain. This mark is caused by the salt, proteins and oil that is naturally present in sweat.

What causes yellow sweat stains?

Yellow sweat stains are created by your sweat reacting with your antiperspirant. Antiperspirants contain an active ingredient called aluminium. Aluminium reacts with the salt in your sweat creating a chemical reaction that results in yellow stains on your shirt.

Removing sweat stains from shirts

Once clothes are stained with sweat, removing the marks is one of the hardest things to achieve, especially if you suffer from excessive underarm sweating as the marks will be more visible. There are some tips that can help reduce sweat stains such as washing your clothing straight after use, using stain removers like Vanish or using home remedies such as soaking the stain with white vinegar before washing. However, depending on the material of your clothing and severity of the stain, these may not work. Our best advice is to prevent the stain from ruining any more of your clothes – find out how in the next section.

How to prevent sweat stains, wet sweat marks and yellow staining

You will be pleased to know that all your sweating problems can now be solved with just one product, the Dandi Patch. Dandi Patch is the new alternative to antiperspirant, it is a discreet sweat patch that sticks onto the underarm. The Dandi Patch creates a barrier between sweat and your clothes preventing sweat marks, sweat stains and yellow staining; in addition to trapping in all odour. This is the most effective and safest option to stop sweat patches and embarrassing sweat problems. You can purchase Dandi Patch online and shipping is available worldwide.

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