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Inside the UK's #1 Subscription Box for The Modern Gentleman

Inside the UK's #1 Subscription Box for The Modern Gentleman

As part of our collaboration with Me My Suit & Tie and the only male co-owner of dandi patch, I’ve been asked to review ‘The Hunter Style Box’ in which dandi patch features. I’ve never been asked to write a review like this before, does this mean I’m a blogger? I guess so!

Me My Suit and Tie - Men's Style Box Review

Within the box, there are six items offered and as it ‘says on the tin’ there is a modern ‘hunter style’ theme to it.

We will start with the largest of the gifts in the way of a real leather document/laptop holder. The scent of real leather is noticeable from the box along with a great soft feel and a touch of class; it kind of reminds me of my old school satchel. Upon opening the magnetic flap envelope style, you see the case is lined with a soft material akin to moleskin so will keep your equipment scratch free and it is sturdy enough to hold your documents un-ruffled. This is a great modern classy case for travel or any business meeting, although room for a laptop/notepad, I personally think an iPad Pro would be the ideal addition to this case.

Moving on to the tie it’s a nod to the hunting gent with its fine cheque pattern, it is a mix of cotton and silk, but it gives a cotton feel. No doubt in its quality with plenty of occasions to wear it but definitely at home on the pheasant shoot.

The socks are a classic style diamond pattern, again a clear nod to the hunter. They are 80% cotton and wouldn’t be out of place worn in the city or in the woods. Being primarily cotton it’ll keep the toes fresh and with a good size range from 6-12 these will fit all hunters alike.

So, to the silk hanky. I can’t say I’m an avid user of the jacket hanky but with its heavy pattern and silky feel, it will certainly be a great addition to a range of fashionable jackets and styles but of course, it’s the perfect accompaniment to all the other products in ‘The Hunter Style Box’.

With all these great quality items coupled with that favourite suit, the best way to stay comfortable in the heat of hunting or the heat of the city is with the featured item dandi patch, a simple but effective product to take the worry out of those embarrassing sweat marks, staining of clothes and even odour. Wear every day in comfort or on a special occasion where these quality hunter style items are worn, but no doubt dandi patch should be part of every modern man’s daily routine.

If all this isn’t enough, the final item is a bit of hunting bling! A gold effect vintage stag lapel pin which has a good weight giving it an expensive feel and look, a subtle addition to the lapel of your choice hunter or otherwise.

Is there more you ask? Why yes, there are three discount offers in the men’s style box. A code to receive a 50% discount on your first box subscription along with a ‘Me My Suit and Tie’ 25% discount at checkout, think that warrants an AWESOME. Finally, to finish and as if you needed to be persuaded, a 20% discount off your first dandi patch order….No sweat.

Overall my first box from Me My Suit and Tie has been great to review so thank you Me My Suit and Tie for the opportunity to write my first blog. I will be sure to use all these items when the need arises, and the leather case will be used often for my meetings in my day job.

I hope it’s been a useful review and has encouraged all our readers to check out If you would like to try out Me My Suit and Tie you can get 50% off your first box with the code 'dandi18' at checkout. Don’t forget the usual social media to find out more and to tag your pictures with items from ‘The Hunter Style Box’.

Have a great day everyone, and remember, style should be easy.


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