Inspirational Stories from dandi London - How I became a premiership footballer

Whilst we continue to follow Government guidelines and stay at home the team at dandi London felt that we need some inspiration in our lives. So we decided to team up with some fantastic people that have some interesting stories to tell.

Our series titled ‘Inspiring People’ will consist of 16 articles published over eight weeks by people from different backgrounds, towns, countries that all have one thing in common…they have a journey to tell.

Our first Inspiring People story is from Trevor Benjamin and his life story of how he became a premiership footballer.


Trevor Benjamin – ex Premiership Footballer

Many young people dream of becoming a footballer, sadly for most it does not happen. But for Trevor Benjamin that dream came true.

His love for football enabled him to take a passion into a career. It was not until he was aged eleven that he started to play for a local team. Pretty late in today’s terms when kids start from the age of five. In 1995 whilst playing for a team in his home town of Wellingborough he was spotted by Cambridge United. He spent two years at Cambridge United learning the trade on a Youth training Scheme, at the end of the two years his training paid off and he became a professional player.

During his career Trevor played for several teams, to include Cambridge United, Leicester City, Watford, Crystal Palace and Coventry. There were many memorable moments over his career but there were three firm favourites. The first being how a young man that grew up in Wellingbrough became a professional footballer. The second playing in the premier league. The final one playing for his country. Of course for any professional sportsperson there are highs but also lows. He had a few injuries primarily knee related which meant multiple operations, experienced dishonest coaches then the unthinkable of getting relegated.

His advice for those dreaming of becoming a footballer would be to focus on instilling the hard work mentality, being prepared to do that extra to become the best you can be and learn to fight to achieve your goal.

Trevor retired from football in 2012 but still works in the industry. He founded Locust Football alongside Steve Common which is a football camp & academy. The academy provides boys and girls the best environment to grow and develop into the best footballers they can be through a proven programme of development. He is now located in Newcastle with his wife and three boys. If you would like to find out more about Locust Football please visit their website - http://www.locustfootball.com


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