Inspiring People - A day in the life of a Personal Trainer

This is now the 5th post for our 16 part series on inspirational stories. This one is written by Jordan Heron for dandi London and is a day in her life of being a personal trainer.

Inspiring Stories
Jordan Heron - A day in the life of a Personal Trainer

Being a morning person is a major key when it comes to being a successful personal trainer. For me most days start at 5:30am with breakfast and a strong coffee.



I then drive to the gym to get set up for my first client at 6:30am; these early slots are usually taken up by business people that need to shoot straight off to work. Each personal training session with me is an hour long and I try to schedule 5-10 minutes between each one to clean the studio and get set up for my next client. My morning stint usually finishes around 11am which is when I get in my first training session for the day in for myself.



Midday until 4pm is typically quiet for one-to-one sessions so this is usually when I pop home to refuel and get any planning/research done that I need to. However on the days when I’m running my classes I pop home briefly then head straight back up to the gym to get set up. My most popular class currently is Legs, Bums & Tums. This begins at 12:30pm and has been a huge hit with mums. Once the class finishes at 1:30pm and I’ve had a catch up with all the attendees I then head home for a break before my evening sessions.



My evening sessions then begin at 5pm. Therefore I normally head to the gym for 4pm so I can get in my second training session for the day before my clients arrive. The clients that fill these evening slots often come straight from work and use it almost as a release after a long day. For that hour they know they can forget about their busy day and just sweat it all out! From that first session at 5pm it’s then back to back clients until around 9pm which is when I clean the studio then head home for the day.



Just before I completely switch off I do one final check of my emails and prepare anything I need to for the following day; then it’s bed time for me.



If you live in the Bucks area and looking for a personal trainer you can message Jordan via her instagram account. Or why not just follow her on instagram to keep motivated!



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