Inspiring People - A Passion for Politics

Sharing her passion for politics, today's inspirational story has been written by Molly Saxby for dandi London.

I have developed a great passion for politics over the years. It is a topic that has interested me ever since I was old enough to truly comprehend its importance to our lives. As someone who constantly meets people who say, “politics doesn’t interest me” or “politics has no relevance to me”, I urge reconsideration of our typical interpretations and prejudices of politics. For me, whilst undoubtedly important, politics is not who I vote for, or party manifestos, but something much wider and greater.

My passion for politics therefore does not come from glorification of a political party or leader but from a great interest in the workings of the world we live in; this is something that inherently effects every person on the planet. Our world, whether locally or globally, works on the foundations of political systems, consequentially shaping our lives in ways we may not even consider or know. Whether we live under a capitalism, communism, a dictatorship or a system of anarchy, we all exist under a system of power, ideology, and hierarchy which shapes and determines the way in which we live our everyday lives. This very fact is what has led to my passion for politics. Whilst I study History, not Politics, at University, I am always keen to learn of the reasons behind why our societies function as they do, and this is something intrinsically bound to political systems of many scales and regions.

I therefore urge you, as the reader, to consider politics in a wider and more theoretical way. It is a topic which affects us all and one which goes far beyond its typical connotations. In order to truly understand and play a part in the world we live in we must understand the foundations of our society and its history. Take some time to consider your utopian world, outside of the boundaries you understand as “normal” or “the way the world is”. With every revolution, and with every great change, people have come together to think outside of their societal box and have offered alternatives to the status quo. Whilst not always a success, this development is necessary for us, as humans, to develop and meet the demands of our ever-changing world. A passion for politics for me therefore means a passion for understanding and partaking in the world we live in, rather than acting as a passive participant; it is about playing a part in your world in the widest sense, and about influencing the foundations that we live upon, even if just a tiny amount.  


My name is Molly Saxby, I am 20 years old and currently studying a Ba degree in History. I am greatly interested in history, politics and understanding the world we live in. I run a blog on these interests: https://mollysblog.politics.blog/

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