Is it possible to stop sweating naturally?

Is it possible to stop sweating naturally?
Yes it is possible for some people to stop sweating naturally for others they might need a little more help. At dandi London we have invested lots of time in researching how to minimise the problems and embarrassment caused by excessive sweating. Some people do not wish to use anti-perspirants or deodorants (for some this is due to the obvious health benefits and also the concerns regarding cancer due to use of parabens), instead they would prefer to find products that are natural. We have listed a few natural remedies to help stop sweating naturally and hope that you might find one suitable for you.


Eat more foods that reduce sweat
There are a range of foods that if you eat more of can actually reduce the amount of sweat your body produces and calm overactive sweat glands in the process. These types of foods do  not tax your digestive system or over stimulate your nervous system but calm it instead. Foods you may wish to incorporate into your diet include: foods with a high calcium content (like dairy products and cheese), almonds, bananas, whey, vegetables and fruits with high water content (like watermelon, grapes, cantaloupe, red cabbage, bell pepper, broccoli  and spinach), oats, and sweat potatoes.


Tomato Juice
Tomato juice can reduce the amount you sweat due to its active ingredient properties. Studies state that by drinking tomato juice your pours naturally shrink which reduces chronic sweating. It can also help regulate your body temperature. There are a number of ways to consume tomato juice; the most successful is to drink a glass or two of tomato juice each day or by adding tomatoes into your daily meals. Some studies also claim that you can actually apply pure tomato juice to your underarms and let it rest on your skin for 20 minutes before washing it off. By doing this your pours will naturally absorb the minerals within the tomato juice, therefore reducing underarm sweat naturally.


Fluids to increase / incorporate into your diet
As with foods that reduce sweat you need to increase your intake of water and even add green tea to your diet to help with reducing of sweat. Drinking plenty of water and green tea can keep your body cool and prevent excessive underarm sweating.


Baking Soda
Baking soda is well known for being a water absorbing ingredient and alkaline. Its alkaline properties mean it can neutralise body odour and can be seen as a substitute for a supermarket deodorant. If you actually take a look at the deodorant you buy from your local store, you will see that a lot of them already contain some form of baking soda.

It is becoming more popular for people to be creating their own natural deodorant using baking soda. If you want to try this out, then we’d advise heading to Wellness Mama’s blog as she has some lovely natural deodorant recipes you can make at home. Do just remember to do a patch test first to test for sensitivities as everyone’s skin is different 

If you do change to this method, you will notice you may get wetter underarms and some have reported heavier underarm clothing stains too. To prevent either of these being an issue, pair your new natural deodorant with dandi pad. dandi pad is a sweat pad that sticks to your clothes creating a protective barrier between underarm sweat, deodorant and your clothing so you can avoid sweat marks and stains.


Tea-Tree Oil
If you are struggling with the body odour side of sweat more than the wetness, then tea tree oil may help. This is an antibacterial essential oil so it will help to eliminate the bacteria on your armpits that create odour. Simply apply a few drops to cotton wool and wipe. Do consider that tea tree oil can dry the skin so do watch out for this and reduce usage if it occurs.


Potatoes and other potassium rich foods have been found to possess anti-sweating properties. You can literally rub a slice of potato across the armpit region for a few minutes a day to see some drying effects. We are not quite sure how this was discovered but we are positive there must be a good story behind it!


Lemons contain large amounts of citric acid, a very strong and pottant substance that is known for eliminating harmful bacteria. It can also be used for reducing excessive sweating from the human body. To use lemons as part of your anti-sweating routine, squeeze the lemon so most of the juice has ran out, then rub the lemon on your underarms. You can also squeeze some of the lemon juice onto a cotton pad, whilst adding some baking soda and use this as a natural paste to apply to the underarms.


dandi patch
dandi patch may not be a food-based remedy. However, dandi patch is a solution that lets your body sweat 100% naturally whilst guaranteeing no embarrassment! This patch replaces your antiperspirant or deodorant as it traps in all odours. The dandi patch adheres to your underarms and will soak up any sweat released; protecting your clothes from wet marks and yellow staining. The patches are comfortable to wear and offer natural all day protection from excessive sweating. They are completely free from parabens and aluminium. To find out more about these products click here.


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