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Latest in Beauty Box Review

Latest in Beauty Box Review

Here is our guest blogger Danni’s review on the Latest in Beauty box:

I was so excited when my Latest in Beauty box came through the door. This monthly beauty box particularly appealed to me as you get to choose which beauty products you would like to receive. I went for the basic three product option but there are different choices available; 3, 6 or 9 products.

Latest in Beauty Box

What were your thoughts on the beauty box?

Well where do I start? The ‘it’s like Christmas morning again’ feeling I got as the postman handed me the box, the cute packaging I was met with upon opening it, or the fun of trying out my new beauty products? I loved it all!

What products did you choose?

I chose my products knowing I had a girl’s night out coming up, so I wanted to use them for that. I went for the Lola nail varnish in stone blue, the Burt’s Bees natural lipstick in Blush Basin and the dandi patch sweat mark protectors.

What did you think about the products?

Lola nail varnish – I was very impressed with this nail varnish which is quite the compliment considering I am a bit of a nail varnish addict. It had a thin consistency that was very easy to apply but still had a strong coverage and looked super shiny. It was also a full-sized bottle which I didn’t expect so that was nice. I will definitely be trying some different colours from this range now!

Burt’s Bees lipstick – This appealed to me as the description mentioned it had an ultra-conditioning formula. I love lipsticks but with the wintry weather we have recently had my lips are feeling the damage. I feel that with some lipsticks they get worse and dry out creating a not so pretty look! However, this lipstick was true to it word! It felt silky smooth to apply and I didn’t feel my lips drying out throughout the night! The colour was also very nice nude shade. I would advise anyone who avoids lipsticks because of their drying effect to try these ones instead.

dandi patch antiperspirant alternative – I knew I wanted to wear my new bottle green top out, so this product would be perfect to keep me from slyly checking under my arms that no sweat marks were appearing, especially as I knew a little dancing was likely to unfold as the night went on! The patches really were great and did exactly that, I was really pleased with the result and now my friends all want to try them too! If you have ever wondered how to stop sweat patches then this is it.

Would you recommend the latest in beauty box?

If you love your beauty products then this really is a great cost saving way to discover and try new products. I have now found some new brands that I will try more products from, so it was a great experience for me.

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