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New Year, New Job?

New Year, New Job?

As the clock strikes midnight on New Years Eve many of us look back over our year and think about the highs and lows. We then start to consider what we want for ourselves in the New Year.


Do we have resolutions, goals, time for a change, perhaps a fresh start or are we happy with everything just as it is?


Many people start to get itchy feet and look for a change in jobs, whether this maybe moving up the ladder or completely changing careers. Which ever option you fall in you need to get prepared so that when you see the job of your dreams you are ready.


  • Update your CV
  • Register with a recruitment consultancy or look for jobs on and offline
  • Prepare yourself for interviews
  • Plan when you would like to change roles, don’t forget to check your notice period

But before you do any of the above, just make sure a change is what you need, or is it just because it is New Year! Be honest with yourself and think about:

Why do you want to change jobs?
Are you fed up, have a lack of motivation, change career, going nowhere in current role, want to challenge yourself.


What experience do you have in the industry/job role you want to work in?
You may have lots because you are already in that industry, or do you need further experience or training.


What skills can you take to a new role?
Go back to basics and make a good old-fashioned written list. Write down your skills and don’t forget to include any ones you may have that are hidden in hobbies and activities outside work. For example, have you been a football referee? That is decision making under pressure. Worked in a charity shop in your spare time? Well that is money handling and people skills. Widen your thinking here and make as long a list as you can.


What job would you like?
Be realistic, do you have enough experience, would you handle a role with much more pressure, will you get bored if the role is not challenging enough, are there opportunities out there for what you are after.


Once you have answers to the above you will be in a better position to either know whether it is time to change or not, and if it is the type of job role you wish to search for.

Final thought, it is quite common for a high percentage of people that would not normally sweat get hot and bothered during interviews. If there is a chance this could be you then get yourself prepared in advance and use our dandi sweat pads or patches.

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