No More Awkward Sweaty Moments - My Confidence Regained 

This blog is a guest post by Rachel Stinson, CEO of Elabelz online retail store for men and women that offers worldwide shipping.   

People who sweat profusely on a regular basis know how embarrassing it is to sweat a lot. Over a long period of time, this can start to affect the self-confidence of a person and make them anxious every time they feel a drop of sweat on their body. They start to worry wondering if there are patches on any part of the body and it can leave them too scared to wear clothes like shirts, jumpsuits and party dresses.  

As someone who has been in the same situation, I can easily relate to how you must be feeling, but I was able to change the situation which in turn boosted my self-confidence. Now in this article, I will show you how I did it, so you can move on from sweaty and anxious moments. 

Why do you sweat? 

Before we get into the conversation, sweating is a normal process that is actually good for your body. The body sweats in order to cool down and remove harmful toxic items from the body. Other than the fact that you are warm, one can sweat profusely because of exercising, because you are nervous, changes in your emotional state or – this is the situation with the lowest probability – you suffer from hyperhidrosis

How to reduce sweating? 

Deodorant and antiperspirants are known to make the situation a bit better, but they do not work all the time or for all people. Antiperspirants can help with the wetness and I recommend if you do use them, put it on before you sleep and leave it overnight. Deodorants remove bad odours and kill bacteria so that you can smell much nicer. As mentioned above, antiperspirants and deodorants are sometimes not enough to quell the excess sweating. A great option in these cases would be to use the dandi London anti-sweat products. Their range includes the dandi patch, an underarm sweat patch that adheres to the skin trapping in any sweat and odours at their source. Or if you are happy with your odour control and are just having a problem with wetness then the dandi pad could be a great solution; this pad sticks to the underarm of your clothing creating a protective barrier between your sweat and clothes. These great solutions mean you can wear your clothes confidently knowing you won’t get sweat marks under the arms, plus, they also prevent yellow sweat stains. 

Another option you should consider trying out is to remove certain types of food from your meal plan as they are known to cause people to sweat more than usual. Coffee is one such item. According to a couple of research results, especially the study by the Journal of Medicinal Food, the caffeine present in coffee has a strong influence on the body’s central nervous system, which in turn causes you to sweat more. We also still drink coffee while its warm, which again raises the temperature of our bodies. Another report by researchers has also brought to light the fact that spicy dishes increase the temperature of the body, so you might want to avoid those too. If you are interested in what other foods help reduce sweat then this blog 'Foods that reduce sweating' will be a good read.

Consider finding ways to deal with your body’s stress and anxiety levels as keeping your emotions steady can make you calmer and sweat less too. 

What about my body odour? 

Deodorant is one of the easiest ways to combat bad odour caused by excess sweat and it is something that helped me remove the bad odour from my body. dandi patch also traps armpit odour so this solution would also work here; it is particularly good if you have an occasion you want to wear long sleeves or a t-shirt to but don’t want to risk getting embarrassing wet sweat marks. Some foods to avoid include broccoli, cabbages, garlics and onions; all of which contain sulphur and causes the body to emit a bad odour. Make bathing at least once a day a compulsory affair too. It is quite obvious, but a surprisingly huge amount of people do not follow it.  


We would like to thank Rachel for her guest post, we hope you have all enjoyed reading it. If you have any questions for Rachel or if you would like to share any of your experiences or solutions you have found, please do so using the comment box below 😊 

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