The Amazing Success Story of Two Women Who Founded dandi® patch #InternationalWomensDay

Everyone would like a revolutionary product that solves their worries about sweat. Sweating is a natural process, but when we have excess sweat that leaves dark wet circles on our clothing or odour that can be present without putting your nose to the garment; we feel a wave of embarrassment come over us.

dandi® patch is an amazing underarm patch that adheres to the skin and traps in all wetness and odour. You do not need to use any deodorant whilst using the patch, so it is a great alternative for anyone who wants to avoid potentially dangerous chemicals, such as parabens and aluminium, that are present in antiperspirants.

Theresa Pope and Hayley Leete are the sister founders of dandi® patch. They could not find any products on the market that effectively stopped this problem, and so the idea for dandi® patch was born. It took these determined business women just over 5 years to create this much-needed product which is now available worldwide via

The Amazing Success Story of Two Women Who Founded Dandi Patch #InternationalWomensDay

Theresa Pope (left) and Hayley Leete (right) founders of Dandi Patch

The patch has received an amazing reaction so far, not only from the public but also from celebrities and stylists worldwide. dandi® patch was selected for inclusion in the Distinctive Assets goodie bags presented to all Oscar nominees at the 2017 Academy Awards. It showcased with a stall at The Clothes Show in December, featured in a variety of newspapers, magazines and TV shows including BBC World News and This Morning. Plus, dandi® patch has been used by stylists for contestants on live shows such as The X Factor and for celebrity shoots and events.

Congratulations Ladies! You are an inspiration to women everywhere, and an inspiration to those who wish to pursue their ambition of starting their own business.

If you would like to try dandi® patch for yourself then simply visit; they are especially good for wearing during high-pressure situations such as business proposals!

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