The Queen's Official Birthday: A Look Over her Fashion and Style

Her Royal Majesty The Queen is one of the most stylish ladies in the world. She always looks impeccable and ever since a young age she has had a keen eye for fashion, regularly making the front line of London Fashion Week. As the Queen’s official birthday falls on the 21st April, we thought it would be nice to do a tribute to her turning 92 by looking at her stylishness.

Queen Elizabeth fashionable ever since a young age

The Queen wearing a lemon lace two piece to Windsor cocktail party in 1959. Photo credit In Style.

Queen Elizabeth’s fashion style has always had a distinct look that alludes glamour and finesse. Her favourite outfits usually comprise of a dress, matching overcoat, and depending on the formality of the event she may also wear a hat or headscarf in the same colour. It is very rare to see the queen in trousers, in fact, she has only ever been publicly seen in trousers once throughout her entire reign!

The Queen visits the royal academy in orange coordinated outfit.

The Queen visits the Royal Academy in her orange co-ordinated outfit. Photo credit to www.royal.uk

The Queen loves to wear colour and the bolder and brighter the better. She is grateful that so many people come out to meet her on her Royal trips, so she tells her designers and dressers to pick striking colours, so she is clearly visible to as many people as possible.

The Queens 90th birthday outfit in bright green.

The Queen chose lime green for her 90th birthday outfit. Photo credit to www.royal.uk

Interestingly, the Queen is lucky enough to be part of the 1% of the population that does not suffer from sweat! Yes, according to Angela Kelly, author of Dressing the Queen: The Jubilee Wardrobe, she says that whilst the Queen’s outfits must all be made with a wrinkle-proof fabric, to avoid creases when sitting, they’re not required to be breathable. The Queen simply doesn’t sweat. Oh to be the Queen.

Finally, it goes without saying that no outfit is complete without its accessories! From the dazzling jewellery and brooches to her sophisticated handbags that have longer handles to ensure handshaking is done at ease, or her clear umbrella with a matching colour trim and handle to her outfit; no detail is missed by our Queen.

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth!

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