Wedding Guest Dresses 2017 | Spring and Summer Wedding Outfit Ideas

Wedding season has arrived and that means that many of us are going to be searching through our wardrobes wondering if we have anything that will suit ‘wedding guest attire’. Considering you are now on our blog, we are guessing the answer was no you haven’t.

Don’t worry as we have rounded up some of the best wedding outfits available on the high street this year. A few tips before you start are:

  • Check out what colour the bridesmaids are wearing, you don’t want to steal their thunder.
  • If you are there for the day into the night make sure your outfit is versatile enough to handle both, and have a jacket or dainty scarf for if it gets chilly.
  • Remember you will be dancing – probably a lot – so make sure your pretty heels are comfortable, or bring a back-up pair of flats for later on. 
  • Always be alert for photos and don’t get caught with sweat marks; dandi patch traps in all odour and wetness keeping you and your outfit fresh all day. These are also available for men, so if your partner suffers then get him to use these too and guarantee nice photos.

Wedding guest outfits for 2017

Here is a gallery of our favourite dresses to wear to a wedding this spring and summer.

wedding guest dress ideas

Links to purchase featured guest wedding dresses from left to right:

ASOS yellow wedding guest dress
ASOS pink lace wedding outfit 
AX Paris floral wedding guest dress
Dorothy Perkings pink pencil dress
Dotty P's navy floral wedding outfit
Dotty P's green lace shift dress
Linea blue bodycon lace dress
Kaleidoscope floral wrap dress
River Island blush lace detail dress

We hope that you enjoyed reading our blog. Look fabulous for your wedding and enjoy the special occasion.

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