What are Sweat Patches and how do they work?

If you have ever suffered from sweat marks and stains under your arms you could have prevented it by using a sweat patch. So what is a sweat patch? It is an ergonomically designed patch that adheres to your skin under your armpit, created to the shape of the sweat gland.

 Man not using a sweat patch   Young women not wearing sweat patches and suffering from sweat marks

It is quite a simple idea and is the only available all-in-one sweat solution on the market. For the product to not only be effective but also comfortable the design and materials used are very important.


It is ultra- thin, making it discreet. The clear surround has been produced using a skin-friendly adhesive that does not fall of when too wet or if dry difficult to remove. The way the patch fits to the skin fully seals and traps in all armpit odour, meaning you don’t need to use antiperspirant or deodorant. This of course is a major benefit if you suffer from allergic reactions or experience irritation using antiperspirant or deodorants as this product is the solution to prevent sweat marks. Our sweat patches are also paraben and aluminium free, therefore removing concerns about the links between these chemicals to Alzheimer’s disease and breast cancer.


It is easy to apply, very comfortable to wear and painless to take off, you just need to ensure you shave your armpits so that it sticks directly to the skin and not on any hair. With it being so thin it is suitable to wear under a variety of garments un-noticed. So if you are going to a wedding and have a beautiful chiffon dress or a silk shirt and concerned that throughout the day you may get sweat marks, just apply a patch and you will no longer have to worry.


So if you want to guarantee that you have no sweat marks, can confidently wear all types of materials and coloured clothing and would also like to protect under the arms of your garments a sweat patch is the product for you.


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