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How My Anxiety and Sweating is a Vicious Circle

Dominic Hilton

Dominic Hilton, 25, is a support worker and part-time model who has shared his struggle with anxiety and sweating. Here is his story…

"My problem with sweating started during puberty, around the age of 15. When it all began, I couldn’t understand what caused me to sweat so profusely! Suddenly I had to be conscious of what I was wearing because sweat patches would ruin most of my clothes. It massively affected my confidence, making me nervous that people would notice or be put off by my excessive sweating, it was all extremely embarrassing.

Once I left school, I started living on my own and I discovered that my sweating would get much worse when I had a big event coming up, for example, a job interview or a date. It had a huge impact on my personal life as I felt uncomfortable dating, and I avoided close contact with people at all times. At one point, I didn’t even enjoy going on holidays because then hot weather would mean that my clothes were completely soaked with sweat, which was absolutely mortifying.

I tried battling the issue with various methods and even visited a dermatologist to get professional advice. Unfortunately, regular deodorants didn’t help, they clumped up and ruined my clothes creating stains I literally couldn’t get rid of. I tried medically prescribed roll-on deodorant but that also didn’t help at all. After seeking medical help I discovered I was suffering from anxiety sweating. The excessive sweating I was experiencing was actually a side effect of anxiety. And so, it was an endless cycle – I was sweating because I was anxious, but I was more anxious because I was sweating.

As one of my good friends suffered from a similar condition and had tried Botox injections in the past, I knew that I would never want to go for this painful solution and instead I kept on searching for alternative, safer options.

I came across dandi® patch online and instantly thought it looked interesting. It was like nothing else I’ve ever seen before and I decided to give it a shot. I was very impressed with how thin and discreet the patches are and couldn’t believe how well they worked. I wore the patches out to work and on dates, and they helped me regain most of my confidence! I would recommend these to everyone!"

If you have struggled with a similar situation to Dominic then try dandi® patch and maybe you will find your breakthrough too!

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