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How To Stop Sweaty Armpits

We delve into the best ways of how to stop armpit sweat

It's time to defeat sweat and build confidence

Find out how to stop armpit sweat

My Armpits Won't Stop Sweating

We have lots of people ask us various questions about sweat but those that come up again and again are: "Do you know how to stop armpit sweat", "How can I make my armpits stop sweating" and "How can you stop armpit sweat".

Are you noticing a pattern here? Majority of people suffer from armpit sweat but we are all trying to stop it! 

Sweating is a natural bodily process that needs to happen in order for us to be healthy. The problem is that whilst doing this it can embarrass us with wet marks under the arms and smelly body odour.  Some people suffer more than others, but a survey conducted by the Hyperhidrosis Society found that 1 in 3 people felt they sweat excessively. This is a huge number and we want to help you find a way to remove the embarrassing side of it. 

the best ways to stop armpits sweating...

Looking for an all-in-one solution? Try dandi patch

The dandi patch is an innovative sweat solution that has won awards, featured on TV, been used by celebrity stylists and even made it into the goody bags given to the Oscar nominees!

This clever little patch simply adheres to your armpit taking care of your sweat all day long. The patch guarantees to prevent sweat marks, stop horrible yellow underarm stains on clothing and also trap all smelly odours within the patch so you can go about your day knowing sweat will not cause you any issues!

Try them today and experience life without the worry of sweat marks, stains or odour!  

How to stop sweaty armpits? Try dandi patch
Best ways to stop armpit sweating from ruining shirts - Try dandi pad

Are Sweat Marks Your Biggest Problem? Try dandi pad

If you're happy with your odour protection but are struggling from the wetness of your sweat making marks on your clothing then the dandi pad could be your ideal answer.

The dandi pad adheres to your clothing, creating a protective barrier between sweat and your clothes. The pad has a super soft outer layer which feels comfortable against the skin, whilst the absorbent and waterproof layers ensure your clothes stay dry and protected all day.

Try the dandi pad today and you can start confidently wear coloured clothing and white shirts without the worry of sweat marks or stains.

Satisfaction Guaranteed  

We are so confident in the dandi London products that we offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase without any worries. If our product does not perform as advertised, we will happily refund you the purchase price of the product. Find out more here...

Customer Reviews  

dandi patch
This product is the best thing I have ever used! They are so easy to apply and they really do work!
- Dawn H 

Great product
I saw dandi patch advertised on TV and ordered a pack as I knew I was going to have to wear a shirt and suit in very warm weather. I was amazed and delighted at just how effective these patches are. They are easy to use and totally invisible. I will be buying more in future.
- Archibald H 

Try combating excessive sweat with dandi London products - Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back



How to stop armpit sweating - dandi London can give you the confidence you need
How to stop armpit sweat - You'll be jumping with joy at these easy solutions
How to stop armpit sweat instantly - dandi London products work as soon as you use them!

Be dry, be confident, be at your best!

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