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I Struggled With Sweat Problems On My Own For Many Years, It Really Was Like A Living Nightmare

Scott McGlynn

scott mcglynn, 30, is an AUTHOR, presenter and lifestyle blogger who has decided to share his battle with sweat so that others can realise they are not alone and there are products out there to help. Here is his story…

"Throughout my life I have always suffered severely with excessive sweating, stemming from my teenage years onwards. I searched high and low for a solution and was always left disappointed, finding that normal antiperspirants just didn’t work for me, never quite providing the protection I needed against embarrassing sweat patches and body odour.

As a presenter it is obviously very important for me to look my best; however because of my issues with sweating I found that I needed to think really carefully about how I dressed each day. I tended to avoid tight fitting clothing and restricted my clothing to dark colours to try and minimise the visibility of sweat stains. It really had an effect on my confidence actually, as year round whatever the weather, I still found myself sweating through my clothes and feeling self-conscious around my friends and colleagues on a daily basis.

I felt very isolated as none of my friends seemed to experience the same problems - I struggled on my own for a number of years, it really was like a living nightmare! With nowhere else to turn I recently discovered dandi patch, a thin patch that adheres directly to the skin to absorb all perspiration and odour throughout the day. The product is designed to act as a perspiration shield for the underarm area absorbing sweat all day so that no embarrassing sweat patches can be seen. I can honestly say that I love the product!

At work and in my personal life the patches have been a real life saver, in fact, I recently wore the patches over a long filming session and it was a huge relief to me to be able to let go of worrying and stressing over whether I would be sweating.

I finally feel like I can live a more normal life, and I would definitely recommend the products to anyone in a similar position to me.”"

If sweat has affected your confidence and you have had similar experiences to Scott then try out dandi® London today, it could be the answer you have been hoping for!

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