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Excessive Sweating Runs In My Family 

Stephanie Reeder

Stephanie Reeder, 33, is a marketing and events co-ORDINATOR who has struggled with excessive sweating as far back as she can remember. Here is her story…

 "I’ve suffered with excessive sweating all my life; in fact my whole family has, so I’ve always assumed that the problem was inherited. The strange thing is, I only experience this in my underarms and I have never had any form excessive sweating in any other part of my body.

My issue is incredibly embarrassing for many reasons, but mainly because of the awful sweat patches that appear on my clothes. I’ve always been desperate for a solution and in the past I have tried Botox treatments, which worked really well for me actually. However, every time I had the injections, they were a little less effective – not to mention extremely costly! I’ve ultimately found that despite having been effective, Botox is unfortunately only a temporary solution, never lasting long enough to warrant the cost. And so, my search for a perfect solution has continued…

Recently I have tried dandi patch, a thin patch that adheres directly to the skin to absorb perspiration and odour throughout the day. Since using dandi patch my life has been revolutionised! They are ideal for me to use once in a while, when I have a special occasion to attend, and I need to know that I won’t be sweating through my clothes. I love having them in the cupboard, knowing they are there just in case I need them.

I would definitely recommend this product to all my friends and family or anyone in a similar position to me really!"

If sweat problems run in your family and you have been unfortunate enough to also suffer, like stephanie was, then give dandi® patch a go and make worrying about sweat a thing of the past!

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