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We love helping people find relief from their sweat problems! Hear first-hand from our customers about their experiences with dandi London sweat products. 

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We are so confident in the dandi London products that we offer a satisfaction guarantee so that you can purchase without any worries. If our product does not work for you, we will happily refund you the purchase price of the product! 

100% guaranteed satisfaction
Stephanie has found an excessive sweating solution

Stephanie Reeder

"I’ve suffered with excessive sweating all my life; in fact my whole family has, so I’ve always assumed that the problem was inherited. My issue is incredibly embarrassing for many reasons, but mainly because of the awful sweat patches that appear on my clothes. I’ve always been desperate for a solution... "

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Dominic Hilton

" After seeking medical help I discovered that the excessive sweating I was experiencing was actually a side effect of anxiety. And so, it was an endless cycle – I was sweating because I was anxious, but I was more anxious because I was sweating..."

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I sweat too much due to anxiety - Dominic
Excessive underarm sweating is just awful, i am so please to have found dandi London

Vanessa Gledhill

"My problem with sweating started very early on in life. It was awful, and actually made me feel uncomfortable in my own skin, embarrassed of the sweat patches that were constantly staining my clothes..."

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Scott McGlynn

"...I tended to avoid tight fitting clothing and restrict my clothing to dark colours to try and minimise the visibility of sweat stains. It really had an effect on my confidence actually, as year round whatever the weather, I still found myself sweating through my clothes and feeling self-conscious around my friends and colleagues on a daily basis. I felt very isolated as none of my friends seemed to experience the same problems - I struggled on my own for a number of years, it really was like a living nightmare! With nowhere else to turn I recently tried..."

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I've finally found how to stop sweaty armpits - Scott

A Showcase of when and where dandi london products can be used

Worried about nervous sweat whilst presenting? Use dandi London anti-sweat products.
At a Christmas party/New Years party/Gala dinner.
keep wet sweat patches at bay when out partying!
How to not get sweaty on a date...
Stay sweat free whilst commuting.
Party with you're hands up in the air at festivals.
Teacher spend lots of time infront of the class - dont worry about excessive sweating with dandi London products
How to prevent sweat stains at school? Try dandi patch or dandi pad!
Wear armpit sweat pads on holiday and forget about sweat.
Hide your nervous sweating during an interview.
Healthy antiperspirant alternatives whilst pregnant.
Stay armpit sweat free whilst doing a conference talk.

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