A man's guide to office/home style in the summer heat

If you have been used to working in a cool air-conditioned office then all you had to worry about in the heat was the journey to and from work. If you had to wear a suit, then I am sure you chose lighter weight materials and colours to keep your self cool on work journeys.

With many people now working at home either full or part time how will you keep your cool on those hot days where you have multiple zoom calls! With summer on the horizon, we finally can look forward to some well-deserved sunshine. If you don’t have the luxury of air conditioning, your fan is not up to much or opening the windows just makes the room hotter then you need to think about how you can peel away the layers yet still look professional on virtual calls.

Many businesses and their employees have started to take a relaxed approach on work attire since the pandemic hit. However in some instances a casual t.shirt with joggers will not do (although for most video calls the waist up is only seen, but best to not risk it as you never know when you may get caught out).

The key to dressing well in the heat whilst working is ultimately choosing the right fabric. For summer work wear fashion, a good rule for shirt fabrics is to opt for natural fibres over synthetic ones. The reason for this is synthetics don’t allow you to sweat freely, instead they trap in moisture, restrict breathability and the sweat then disperse through the clothing not just under the arms but could be anywhere on your body. Just like your own sweat glands you need the fabric to allow heat to escape. The weave, weight and cut of clothing will impact your body temperature, so lighter fabrics and a looser fit will make a big difference.

Types of material to choose for shirts, tops, trousers, jackets and shorts to keep you cool include:

Cotton is the most popular and will allow your body to breath and sweat naturally rather than restricting and causing all over sweat marks and making you uncomfortable, anxious and embarrassed.

Although linen is not a popular choice when it comes to ironing as it creases much more than thicker fabrics, it is effortlessly stylish and always appear as a summer work (home and office) essential. Linen comes from the fibres of the flax plant, which means the finished material is strong, absorbent and quick drying. As the material is very breathable even on hot days you can get away with wearing a long sleeve shirt with button downs.

If you do not always have to dress formally but need to dress up a little more than wearing your gym t.shirt then a shirt made out of chambray could be another option. Visually the material looks very similar to denim but retains the breathable and moisture-wicking properties of lighter fabrics, making it perfect for warm weather work days.

If you are a fan of stripes, patterns and bright colours then you need to choose clothing made from seersucker. The fabric is a puckered cotton that sits away from the skin due to the rippling the material which allows the body to be kept cooler. You will find that this type of material is used quite often in humid climates. For hot and sticky days make sure you have a seersucker shirt in your wardrobe.

If you are able to dress down then when it comes to battling the summer heat, nothing beats wearing lightweight sweat shorts. As the name suggests, they are breathable and comfy, but just make sure you opt for the light weighted sweat material. If you do have to dress a little formally but know you can get away with only showing up from the waist then these will prevent you from over heating and sticking to your chair!

If you are not a fan of being bare footed and like to wear footwear then make sure you opt for canvas or other woven materials as this will help to ensure your feet stay dry and comfortable.

For those of you going into the office that do not have air conditioning then take on board the above, along with wearing a dandi London Sweat patch as it will also help prevent sweat marks showing. Don’t forget that although these materials are breathable they will keep you cooler than other material alternatives (as mention synthetics) but they will not stop you from sweating if you are stressed, it is a particularly hot day or you suffer from sweating naturally  - https://www.dandipatch.com/collections/dandi-london/products/dandi-patch-mens-pack-of-10

Now you have read this article do you need fashion inspiration with what to wear this summer (not just for work)? If you do read our Summer Trends for Men 2021 blog article also on our website  - https://www.dandipatch.com/blogs/news/summer-trends-for-men-2021


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