New Product Announcement – We’ve got you covered!

We have added a new product to our range - dandi® London nipple covers. Little solutions to big problems is what dandi London is all about and this new product is no different to the rest of our collection as we’ve got you covered!

Designed to suit both men and women, the dandi London nipple covers are perfect for ensuring an ultra-smooth shape and appearance to your chest area.  Discreet, effective and practical, they are ideal for use under thin, and even sheer fabrics, preventing unwanted noticeable protrusions.  With a long lasting, self-adhesive backing, the nipple covers are comfortable to wear, secure, and are perfect for wearing with any outfit, including backless, plunge, t-shirts and fine shirts. They also prevent chafing and so are great for sports too.

At 7cm in diameter, they fit all sizes and are reusable and are available in two shades.  With a natural look and feel, they are an essential item to ensure you look and feel your best at all times. To purchase click either link below:

For lighter skin
For darker skin

Nipple covers for men and womenNipple covers shades


Please check our blog and social media as we will be running a competition to celebrate the launch of our dandi®London nipple covers for men and women.

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