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In today’s society, it’s not so acceptable for men to be scruffy, smelly and ungroomed. In fact, the current trend is exactly the opposite. Guys are now taking more care of themselves than ever before.

National Men's Grooming Day falls on the 18th August so we have found some of the best products to help you look your best:

Bull Dog Shaving Gel

This British brand has a fantastic portfolio of men’s products from face washes to moisturisers and spot treatments. Although, the product that has really got our attention is this shaving gel. This product is filled with 8 essential oils, aloe vera, jojoba and konjac mannan, these all lead to a super smooth shave in addition to leaving your skin calm and soft, it really is the perfect combo.

Bull Dog Shaving Gel
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dandi® patch

Have you ever left the house feeling dapper but then later in the day you notice your shirt is getting sweat marks under the arms? It usually results in your face becoming the shade of a tomato and means you have no other choice than to put your jacket on, even though you know you will get even hotter, sweatier and probably even smellier by which point you will decide to leave. Never be in that situation again with this amazing underarm patch. It prevents sweat marks, stops sweat stains and traps in odour giving you all round sweat protection.

dandi patch sweat protection
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Colgate Floriguard Mouthwash

Mouthwash is great for keeping your breath fresher for longer. There is an argument that you shouldn’t use mouthwash as it removes the fluoride that is coated around your teeth after brushing. However, Colgate has tackled that problem with this fluoride rich mouthwash. Fresh breath all round, yes please!

Minty mouthwash

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Philips NT3160/10 Nose Trimmer series 3000

Keeping your hair trimmed gives a tidy and groomed image. This Philips trimmer has multi-purpose functions as it can be used for trimming nose, ear and eyebrow hair. Eyebrows are particularly a big focus at the moment; gone are the days where guys have big bushy eyebrows.

Nose Trimmer
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Men's Society "Damn handsome" Beard Grooming Kit

If you have tried growing a beard you will know how essential it is to keep it groomed otherwise you can quickly head into the scruffy category. This kit is perfect for the job, not only does it keep everything in a compact box that will look good on your shelf, but it contains everything you will need to keep your beard soft, maintained and styled.

Beard grooming kit

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We hope that you like our men's grooming product suggestions. If you have any other products that you love and want to share then please let us know what they are in the comment section below.

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