Halloweekend is nearly upon us and it is not just for kids


We thought it would be a good idea to blog about some of our own Halloween plans this weekend. Ok we can’t go out in large groups and have Halloween parties, but we can still get into the spirit of Halloween with or without kids.


  1. Get dressed. No don’t just put on your joggers and a hoody I mean get dressed up. So what if you are at home, have some fun. Frankenstein, witches, wizards, ghosts, Freddie Kruger, Dracula or just be really fun and dress up as the biggest pumpkin ever (but don’t drink too much as you would not want to keep removing that costume to go toilet).
  2. Get creative with your cooking. I know you can order a takeaway but to be fair Halloween is on a Saturday this year so you have all day to have fun. How creative can you be cooking the ultimate Halloween feast that is sweet and savoury.
  3. You have the food but what about spooky drinks, I am sure there are plenty of drinks that will fill a cauldron. Or how about a few spooky cocktails with plastic spiders frozen in ice.
  4. Now you are dressed up, time to dress the house and outside up. Make yours the spookiest house on the street. We need photos to prove that you did it on our social media pages (just tag us in #halloween2020).
  5. What about having a tarot card reading. You can actually hire a tarot card reader on zoom, get those candles lit and get into the spirit of what the cards say about the future
  6. Make sure the lights are dimmed and candles are lit and put on a Halloween film. Perhaps if you have kids and they are up then it should be something that will not scare them for the rest of their lives!!! Or if you have no kids or they are in bed the scarier the better eeeeeuuuuuuuuukkkk
  7. If you do have kids and still like trick or treating, as far as we can see doing a google search if you are tier one this can still be carried out in groups of six or less. You just might need to check if people are doing this where you live
  8. If that is not enough then why not have a Zoom Halloween house Partyyyyyyyyy with all of your mates


Don’t forget that although you maybe wearing a mask make sure you are wearing your dandi pads or patches so that when you are dancing in that costume you do not get sweat marks. Have a ghoul one…

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