Womens Autumn/Winter 20/21 Trends

It certainly has been a strange year as for most of us we have not really had the opportunity to utilise our Spring/Summer wardrobe to the max, yet here we are at the start of a new season. So we need to really determine what we can ditch and what we can tie into Autumn/Winter.

Having reviewed leading fashion magazines and looked at there predictions earlier in the year we have compiled some of their suggesions to help you decide what to invest in for the new season wardrobe. It has been said that this season may be best summed up with the idiomatic '"All dressed up with nowhere to go", but whether we are confined to the home you can expect some serious fun with the A/W look.

So here it is...

  • Extraordinary volumes, manifesting in everything from ballooning sleeves to exploding skirts
  • Textures and vibrancy from golds, jewel tones through to metallic
  • Plenty of bright colours along with natural tones such as toffee, even the return of lilac!
  • Wide leg trousers tucked into boots
  • Maxi coats from yellows through to brown PU
  • Tiger prints
  • Pop colour soft hand held bags
  • Not forgetting chains with hoop earrings

Have fun shopping for these looks...

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