How to Prevent Nervous & Situational Sweating


Did you know that 3% of the population suffer with Hyperhidrosis, 33% suffer with excessive sweat regularly and 63% occasionally suffer with underarm sweat (situational sweat) for example events in the workplace such as meetings and presentations or for social situations such as dates, nights out, parties and weddings. Some people worry about sweating so much that it leads them to avoid ordinary occasions and activities, yet is can be solved subject to you understanding how it works.

So why does it happen, in most instances it is fear, worry or just a specific situation that makes them nervous (for example attending a job interview).  Nervous sweating is related to a condition called Hyperhidrosis. Primary Hyperhidrosis is a condition of excessive sweating without known cause or triggers, while Secondary Hyperhidrosis is triggered by certain cues, including anxiety. If the excessive sweating you fear only occurs in situations where others can see you, never when you're alone, that's a strong indication it's a type of Social Phobia.

What we have all experienced in our time is being in a certain situation and starting to worry about sweating we then try to hide or suppress this sweating, the more we more we do this the more it happens. A little like yawning, we don't consciously control the process, but we can increase it by trying to suppress it.

There is no direct, way to abolish nervous sweating, or to limit your sweating to the amount you think appropriate but you can either use products to help lessening the anxiety and build up of the problem or try to evaluate each situation and control your circumstance. Controlling will not really apply to primary hyperhidrosis but will for secondary and social. The more you can control the situation and not become anxious you are making the problem smaller. So focus on trying not to worry about sweat as a major concern and then you might find the amount you sweat will diminish.

For people that find they will not be able to control situation, or ultimately know they possibly can control the situation but do not want to risk it then using products to manage your sweat will help reduce the worry and anxiety. Sweat pads and patches are ideal for the area that people worry about the most and that is underarm sweat. Patches are applied to your skin and absorb the sweat to prevent sweat marks and stains on your clothes over an eight hour period. Patches also work as an alternative to deodorants. Pads are applied to your clothing and work to catch the sweat without it leaving a sweat mark on your clothing. If you suffer from hyperhidrosis, heavy sweating or situational sweating and no want to worry about embarrassing sweat marks then click here to visit our shop and find out more about dandi London sweat pads and patches.

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