Preparing for Video Meetings

Whilst the world continues to battle Covid-19 businesses are continuing to adapt work practices to keep staff and customers safe. Although for many the likes of Zoom and Google Hangouts have been the norm even prior to the pandemic but for some it is a new way of working and can be very hard to adapt.  Here are just a few tips and ideas to help you stay calm, look fresh and be in control.

Preparing yourself
    • Dress as you would if you are in a work meeting or sales pitch
    • Do not only dress from the top half up as you never know if you will need to stand up
    • Have a glass of water ready in case you become nervous
    • Wear a dandi pad or patch to prevent sweat marks showing
    • If it is a hot day make sure you wear cool clothes (background noise from opening windows can impact sound quality)
    • Prepare your work and write notes or a script if you are not confident when speaking
    • Stay calm and relaxed and make sure you smile

    Preparing for the call
      • Position your camera so that you are not looking up or down, instead be level and look forward (much more flattering)
      • Ensure you are positioned in the top 3rd of the screen, rather than a head poking out at the bottom of the screen as you will not be clearly seen
      • Whilst talking try to look at your camera as this will show that you are directly looking at the other people in the virtual room
      • Make sure your room is well lit and preferably from the front as back-light will not do you any favours
      • Think about what is behind you, ideally try and ensure it is just a clear wall or tidy room (you do not want your laundry on display during a meeting)
      • Shut your door from all other distractions such as pets, children etc.
      • Test your equipment in advance, you may need to close down other applications to ensure your wi-fi speed is good enough
      • Make sure you follow room etiquette by turning your sound off whilst others speak

      Video meetings are not every bodies cup of tea, but if you follow the steps above you will have nothing to worry about. To prevent sweat marks showing visit our shop and order either men's/women's sweat pads or patches.

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