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Nail Your Prom With Style

Nail Your Prom With Style

Prom season is here so it’s time to start thinking about a few key things: who are you going to prom with, have you got your promposal planned, and most importantly what are you going to wear?

Below we have gathered the on-trend prom outfits for guys. Take a look, choose your favourite styles, get measured so that you have the perfect fit and then you will be ready to rock prom! One thing to remember is to check what colour your date is wearing so you don’t clash.

Prom Tuxedos

The Traditional Tuxedo

This classic and timeless look is a crisp and suave style that is simple and easy to pull off. The tux is the most common formal menswear for proms so they are easy to get hold of, whether you want to buy or rent, making them a fantastic choice for those who have left it a little late and need a quick option. They are also a great choice for men who like a simple clean and fresh look.

Traditional Tux - Prom Tuxedos

Photo source and link to tux: Moss Bros

The Royal Blue Tuxedo

This twist on the classic number is a great option for those who want a formal style with an injection of colour, best worn with a white shirt and bow tie.

Dwayne Johnson set a great example of this at the Oscars in his royal blue velvet tuxedo. This colour has truly taken trend on the red carpet, so why not set the trend at prom and stand out in the crowd.

Dwayne Johnson and Michael Strahan in velvet suits
Photo credit: ©A.M.P.A.S.®

Suits For Prom

Traditional Suits

If you already have a suit in your wardrobe that hasn’t had much wear and you want to reuse it for prom, that is totally possible with these tips.

You should find out what colour your date will be wearing and match either your shirt, waistcoat or tie to her dress. You can also match your pocket square to add that extra dimension.

Traditional suits for prom - match you dates colours

Photo Credit: Johns Tuxedos Pinterest

Navy Blue Prom Suits

If you want something a little different, but subtle, then the navy-blue prom suit is a good choice. This suit is not as harsh as a black suit, but is still smart and helps differentiate you a little.

If your date is wearing light pink, then this would be a fantastic choice as pink and blue go perfectly.

Pink and blue suit

Photo credit: Fashion Beans featuring Charles Tyrwhitt

The Burgundy Prom Suit

If you want a bold suit for your prom, then burgundy is a top choice. Burgundy suits give a fashionable and polished look. This trend is best paired with a subtle coloured shirt and tie. As our friends over at GQ would say:

'If your suit shouts then the shirt should whisper'.

Burgundy prom suit

Photo credit and suit available from: Moss Bros

Now that you have some ideas about what type of suit you would like for prom, we have a few tips to help make your prom night run smoothly:

Use dandi patch to ensure you don’t have sweat marks – This amazing underarm patch sticks to your armpit absorbing all sweat and odour, ensuring your shirt will be fresh, dry and picture ready at any point during the night. Find out more or buy dandi patch here.

Don’t be late picking up your date – Yes you are probably right, your date will more than likely not be ready on time. However, that does not mean that you can be late. Make sure that you turn up on time, introduce yourself to her parents and wait patiently for her to meet you.

Tell your date how beautiful she looks – Your date would have put a lot of effort into getting ready so make sure you compliment her.

Enjoy yourselves – You will remember this night for years to come, make the most of it and enjoy every moment!

We hope our prom tips, tricks and trends have helped inspire you. For further inspiration check out our Pinterest board ‘Prom Inspo’.

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