How To Survive This Heat In An Office

As the temperatures soar to 30 degrees and the Google searches for ‘too hot to work law’ peak, we are all looking for excuses to get out of the office.

Too hot to work

Unfortunately, as I’m sure you have also found, there is no law for minimum or maximum working temperatures. Therefore, we have found the best ways for you to keep your cool in the office instead.

  1. Have a cool shower before work to reduce your body temperature. 
  2. Use dandi patch advanced underarm sweat pads to prevent getting visible sweat marks and trap in all odour – fantastic for anyone who needs to wear shirts to the office.
  3. Wear clothing made of light, breathable material such as cotton or linen.
  4. Stay hydrated by drinking lots of water throughout the day, add ice for an extra cool blast.
  5. Get a desk fan to help keep you cool, if you are not allowed electrical appliances then put a portable hand fan or some Magicool in your bag.
  6. Choose something light to eat for your lunch such as salad, yoghurt and melon.
  7. Finally, beg your boss to install air conditioning or ask if you can book some late annual leave! (These are more of a long shot but worth a try).
We hope these tips to keep cool in the heat of your office help. We wish you a productive day at work and just think that you can have a nice enjoyable evening dining alfresco when you get home.

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