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Prom Dress Trends 2017

Prom Dress Trends 2017

Prom is one of the most exciting times of the year, there is such a big build up from finding the perfect dress, to deciding how you want to arrive, and choosing who your date will be. We plan to help you with at least one thing on that list - finding the perfect dress!

We have found some of the top trends for prom 2017 so that you can start to narrow down what type of prom dress you want (or get more confused as there are so many lovely styles!).

White prom dresses

White prom dresses are so elegant. They can help make you look more radiant, enhance every detail with their simple style, plus your date can wear any colour he wants without clashing with you. We have fallen for these two white prom dresses; their little bit of sparkle is just the right amount.

White prom dressLong sleeve white prom dress

Link to dress on left, link to dress on right.

Red prom dresses

If you want to stand out of the crowd whilst looking glamorous then red is a fantastic choice. It is a timeless colour that is regularly worn by celebrities at evening balls. Here is a beautiful red dress that we love by Rachel Allan.

Red Prom Dress

Link to red prom dress

Black prom dresses

Black prom dresses are so chic and stylish. You can accessorise black evening gowns with your shoes, bags and jewellery, so it really gives you the chance to personalise your look. This dress has a lovely short to long hemline with a chiffon overlay, beautiful.

Black Prom Dress

Link to black prom dress

Cut out prom dresses

Cut out prom dresses are on trend this year. They allow you to go formal but shout young, fun and gorgeous. Jasz Couture has some great options including these brightly coloured dresses featured on the left and these sparkle effect ones to the right.

Coloured cut out prom dresses

Link to cut out prom dress.

Quick Tips for prom:

If you would usually avoid long sleeved dresses in fear that you may get sweat marks, then you should open up your options by using dandi patch. This amazing underarm patch sticks to your skin and discreetly absorbs all sweat and odour for up to 8 hours. Plus it isn't even visible under chiffon or lace!

If you have a backless dress and plan to wear a stick on bra, (available at shops such as Boux Avenue), then make sure you do not use moisturiser otherwise it will not stick very well.

When you put on your perfume, spritz a little in the ends of your hair and as you dance the scent will waft around you.

We wish you the best prom day, enjoy!

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