Summer Trends for Men 2021

At least finally we know that purchases made for this season we will actually get to wear in places other than our homes! So here are  a few trends that you could just be wearing to the barbers, after a gym session, football or even the pub (we all cheer very loudly)!

Featured are ten of the top fashion trends to inspire you for summer 2021:

  1. Mens florals: Not floaty and pretty but masculine with digitised ahoha, 70's wallpaper and abstract designs!
  2. Neo neon: Although this is a hard one to carry off this trend can be seen on trainers, through to tailored suits.
  3. Nautical: This was not covered by all designers but it did appear at a number of shows from Gucci through to D&G. Very much holiday dressing with over sized tops and knit sweaters.
  4. Utility: This trend continues on from last spring / summer 2020 but this year there is a slight twist with an updated high function look.
  5. Wide leg trousers: Literally every designer for this season featured wide leg trousers within their collection. From pleated, high cut through to sportier styles.
  6. Bermuda shorts: Big and bold that is the theme for this trend. Just make sure that you have the look right by ensuring they finish just above your knee.
  7. Bomber jacket: Yes it has returned. Just make sure you choose one that is not too fussy as it is all about cropped minimalist styling.
  8. Vertical stripes: A refined way to wear print, and they willl make you appear taller and slimmer!
  9. Mid-wash denim: This season the colour is a few shades lighter than previous seasons. Mid-wash denim works with almost everything and the good thing is it could be here to stay.
  10. 1970's styling: The last few years we have seen a resurgence in the 70's, this season is no different from coloured flares, flocked safari suits to cropped bomber jackets!

For a few ideas where to shop these trends click this link and view our full eshot.

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