Menopause - under arm sweating

The dreaded word…the menopause and how to cope! There are so many changes that women have to go through during their menopause and one of those is body odour/sweating. There are four main areas in the body where the odour can change due to certain circumstances: under arms, vagina, breath and feet. But what can you do to help or avoid smelly and uncomfortable situations. This article tackles what you can to do help with under arm sweating.


We all know that under the arms is a primary place for sweating whether you are going through the menopause or not. So of course this does mean that this will be an area that you are going to sweat the most. Especially if you have started to get hot flushes and night sweats. As we sweat more we tend to put on lots of antiperspirants to mask the smell and wetness. That can have a disastrous effect because it means that, if your body is trying desperately hard to regulate its own temperature, and you've blocked the primary area, your body is going to have to sweat from elsewhere. And, very often, this has a knock-on effect.


So what can you to do help. Firstly you must try to avoid antiperspirants as they will not help. You may feel confident wearing them but they are a cause to the problem rather than the solution. There are therefore two options:

Option 1 you can look to use natural deodorants. These will stop the bacteria so you do not get the smell, but they will allow you to sweat as your body wants. This would be better suited for night times as you would not have the issue of other people seeing sweat marks.


Option 2 is to use a dandi® patch. These patches are applied under your armpits and capture both the sweat and smell meaning there is no need to use antiperspirants or deodorants plus you will not experience sweat marks on your clothes which could lead to embarrassing situations. These would work at all times of the day.


Both options will allow your body to sweat properly from under the arms, meaning you are less likely to sweat from elsewhere in the body.


Click this link to find out a little more about what the dandi® patch is and how it works, or click here to purchase.


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