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The Best Beauty Products That You’ll Wish You Knew About

Best Beauty Products You'll Wish You Knew About

We want to make sure that you are equipped with the best beauty products around so that you can look and feel fabulous! We have found a selection of must-have natural beauty products, makeup that every girl should know about, scented products that are just irresistible and more…

Cool Off in the Sea

Tarte Amazonian Clay Waterproof Bronzer

Your beach babe look has just been upgraded! That’s right, we have found an amazing waterproof bronzer! No more dipping your toes in the water, go for a full-on swim.

Best Beauty Products - Waterproof Bronzer

Be Tanned Without Sunbathing

Skinny Tan Mousse

We all love to have a tan but getting one can be such an effort; especially as we always like to use a high sun protection factor and stay out of the direct mid-day sun so we don’t damage our skin. That’s why you need to know about Skinny Tan. Their fake tan mousse works with your natural skin colour to give you a real looking tan that is steak free, plus its made from 95% natural ingredients - bonus!

Skinny Tan - Fake Tanning Mousse 100% no Streaks

Don’t Sweat it

You can now enjoy the warm sunshine in style with these two products;

Dandi patch Underarm Sweat Patches

It’s time to hit the beer garden without worrying about getting dreaded sweat marks on your top, all whilst also allowing your body to sweat naturally! Simply pop on a dandi patch, put on your favourite t-shirt or dress, grab your sunglasses and enjoy a beverage in the sun (without clammy armpits)!

best beauty products - dandi patch

Skin and Tonic Rose Mist

This rose mist is a lifesaver, you can use it in the morning as a makeup setter, but also keep it in your handbag as it can help cool and revive your skin throughout the day; plus, the delicious scent is so dreamy.

best beauty products - Skin & Tonic rose mist

Freshen Up in Style

Zoella Gelato Shower Shake

Zoella beauty products must be among some of our favourites and the Zoella Gelato Shower Shake is up at the top; it looks amazing on our bathroom side, smells delicious, and leaves us feeling nice and hydrated too; what more could we want?

Zoella beauty products

Say ‘Oh Yes’ to Natural and Organic Beauty Products

People are becoming much more aware of what they are putting into their bodies and onto their skin and rightly so; why use a product that could be harmful when there are other options out there! Make-up tends to get a bad name for its self when it comes to chemicals, so we have found some natural options that contain organic ingredients for you to try!

Green People Lip Primer

Have you ever wondered how to keep red lipstick in place? Well this 100% natural and 68% organic lip primer is the answer. It nourishes your lips and preps them ready for your lipstick application, helping to lock in colour at the same time as keeping your lips moisturised. It’s time to get your pout on girls!

best beauty products - how to keep red lipstick in place - lip primer

100% Pure Natural Mascara

Who would have ever thought you can get an organic and natural mascara that is rich in healthy conditioners! Well this one is (yay) and we love that it is naturally pigmented from black tea, berries, and cocoa – how cool is that!

Organic beauty products - organic mascara

Pump up your hair in seconds


This pro 2 in 1 backcombing hairbrush guarantees to give you volume without damaging your hair. You use the first side to create the fullness and volume and the second side then creates a smooth, shiny finish.

Hairshark - Best Beauty Products

We hope you have enjoyed reading our best beauty products blog and that you have found some new beauty products to give a go! If you have tried any of these or if you have any others that you love then let us know using the comments box below or by mentioning us on social media 😊


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