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How To Wear a Suit With Style & Confidence

How To Wear a Suit


How to wear a blue suit


If you’re reading this, you are more than likely one of many confused men, pulling your hair out over the endless variations and possibilities surrounding the confusing topic of; how to wear a suit. Rest assured, we have your back.

So, let’s face the cold hard facts;

  • You’d be lying if you said you weren’t slightly envious of that friend or colleague that knows how to rock a suit to dimensional perfection.
  • Us businessmen don’t have any more hair we can afford to lose over such a topic, so let’s make sure it’s no longer a worry.

Essentially, wearing a suit with confidence comes down to the minor details, which when accumulated, can amount to the sharp, more defined style you are so desperately seeking.

How to wear a suit jacket

Let’s kick things off with the jacket, sometimes referred to as the blazer. Regardless of whether you are going for the corporate, smart casual or general business-wear approach, the suit jacket is the focal point of any smart, sophisticated look.

Me My Suit and Tie with dandi patch - How to wear a suit

In order to wear the jacket in the right way there a number of fitting tips which can come to your aid;

Shoulders; the shoulder fit of the jacket is imperative when looking to pull off that James Bond esc style. The jacket should lie flat against the contours of your shoulders, therefore giving a defined rounded shape to your look. A jacket that is too tight at the shoulders will cause tension when buttoned up and a jacket that is too loose will completely ruin the shape of your style. The jacket collar should also sit nicely against the collar of your shirt without any scrunching or gaps to give the perfect shoulder dimension.

Tip: If you can slide your hand flat onto your chest between your jacket and shirt, without the room to then turn your hand over whilst inside, you’re on your way there in terms of fit!

Suited man with interview ready

Sleeves; the sleeves of the jacket are very important for personal comfort and also the dimensional aspect of the suit. In terms of fit, the sleeves of the jacket should come up just short of the cuffs of your shirt, allowing around half an inch of shirt exposure ending at the wrist. In terms of comfort, the sleeves of the jacket need to have enough room to allow for free range of movement without interfering too much with the fit of the jacket.

Buttons; to button up or to leave undone? Many have asked the question but what really is the rule of thumb for the suit jacket? Firstly, sitting down with your jacket buttoned up is a one-way ticket to pulled threads and a deformed look, so it’s always best to steer clear of that one.

Suited Man Sitting Down Holding His Tie

How to wear suit trousers

The fit of the trousers is essential to the shaping and dimensions of your look. At the same time, don’t try and jeopardise movement and comfort to get away with the slimmest, most fitted suit trousers you can get your hands on. Let’s look at some ways the trousers can very quickly turn your stylish, sharp look into a barrel of laughs for your colleagues.

The ankle swinger; this is a look mostly worn by men who essentially just need to buy a new pair of trousers but in some cases can be seen as a fashion trend, be careful how you try and pull that one off! The ideal way for the trousers to rest is just on top of your shoes without any pile up at the bottom which clearly indicates they’re too long.

Ankle swinger - Fashion - Menswear - Funky socks

Baggy trousers; we’ve all seen that old school man at work paying tribute to the “good old days” but I hate to break it to you, its madness. Don't do it to yourself! Instead, we recommend finding trousers that are a slightly loose slim/skinny fit in order to accommodate for both style and comfort.

The suit shirt

So let’s move on from the jacket and trousers and into the shirt. A common misconception people make when shopping around for the shirt is that people don’t see it. That’s where you’re wrong. The shirt can totally ruin the look of the suited man if not treated with a bit of respect.

Confused man ironing shirt suit and tie

After you have addressed the fit of your shirt (which follows very similar rules to the jacket), the next port of call is that taxing, annoying and time-consuming job that you wish your mum could still do for you; IRONING. The dreaded word that every businessman in a rush despises and wishes they could avoid. The truth is, a well-ironed shirt really makes or breaks the formal fashionable way to wear a suit, so don't try and dodge it. How to iron a shirt? We'll leave that down to you, but here’s a link to aid your cause.

Ties, pocket squares, and other useful accessories

The general rule of thumb for ties and pocket squares are to keep them the same colour in order to create the perfect look! The same principle also applies to shoes and belts, the idea behind this is to create a strong colour contrast and to break up the colour of your jacket and trousers.

The dandi patch is also a great accessory to any suited man or women. Businessmen and women spend a lot of their time in high pressured environments which can be nerve-wracking and stressful. It's absolutely natural to excessively sweat at work especially when wearing a suit or other formal-wear on a hot day. The last thing you want during a high-pressure meeting, presentation or social interaction is to have sweat showing on your clothing and generating body odour. The dandi patch is an amazing solution to combating underarm sweating issues whilst wearing a suit, trapping all sweat and body odour within an encapsulated adhesive sweat absorbing patch. The product itself is also free from aluminium and parabens found in the modern-day deodorant making it a great alternative to high strength deodorants and anti-sweat products which may harm your sensitive skin.

dandi patch with plant

Me My Suit And Tie is a great place to grab all your suit accessories. They essentially take the hard work out of choosing what accessories go well with your formalwear by offering high-quality matching products to add that extra piece of style to any suited man!

Me My Suit and Tie Mens Formalwear Style Box with dandi patch

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