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The Best Love Island Outfits of 2018

The Best Love Island Outfits of 2018

Check out our favourite Love Island outfits of 2018 and where you can get them!

Love Island Outfits

Love Island 2018 has had the nation stuck to their TV’s between the hours of 9-10pm for the past 2 months, and let’s be honest, we have all loved it! The antics in the villa have had us laughing, crying, fighting their battles by taking to social media, gossiping in the office and of course falling in love with our favourite contestants. We have enjoyed watching the couples' love bloom and want to say a BIG congratulation to the adorable winners of Love Island 2018, Dani and Jack!

Love Island hasn’t just been filling our evenings with great entertainment, but also some dreamy stylishness! Below we have included some of our favourite Love Island outfits from throughout the series, with links, of course, so you can go and blow your paycheck on these must-have items…

Dani's Outfit Was Giving Us Holiday Vibes

Dani's Leaf Print Outfit from Love Island

Dani looked stunning in this palm leaf matching set. You can get your hands on this outfit via the official female fashion partner Missguided.

Megan's Gone Cutsey

Megan's dress on Love Island

We love this white dress worn by Megan, it would be perfect for summer BBQ's and outdoor parties. 

The Boys Have Style Too

Jacks shirt from Love Island

Wes's tshirt from love island

The boys were looking good throughout the series. This shirt worn by Jack would be a great day-to-night piece and the Mennace t-shirt worn by Wes is such a nice colour!

Samira's Sassy Dress

Sameria's dress - love island outfits

Is animal print is your thing? Then you have to check out this wrap dress! 

Josh Was Styling It Out

The best Love Island Outfits - Josh's Patterned Shirt

Josh was looking on fire when he sported this funky printed shirt with his round tinted glasses and gold bling. You can recreate this yourself for just £15! Bargain.

Comfy But Classy Style

Love Island Outfits

Dani's floral dress

You know those days where sometimes you're just not sure what to wear because you want to be comfy but also want to look good? Well, these outfits nail that! 

The Girls Were Looking Beaut in Bright Colours

Dani's colourful playsuit worn on Love Island

New Laura's Red Dress - Love Island Outfits

We were loving these colourful outfits worn by the girls. Dani's playsuit was screaming summer style and new Laura looked fantastic in this pretty red polka-dot dress. 

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We hope that you have liked our top picks and tips. For even more outfits worn by the Islanders, you can head to Missguided or Mennace to browse their selections.


Love Island Outfit Photo Credits: Love Island App
dandi patch Photo Credit: dandi patch

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