The Famous Wimbledon White Dress Code: How Did It All Start

Wimbledon 2018 runs from the 2nd – 15th July. The competition sees the best tennis players from around the world smash it out on the grass courts in all-white outfits with the hope that they will make it to the final and be the one to lift that desired trophy.

Wimbledon White Dress Code - How Did It Begin

So, we know that the Wimbledon white dress code is famous for its strict rules, but how did it all start?

The white attire rules actually stretch back to the 1800’s when it was popular for people to play tennis at social events. As you can imagine this used to cause some of the attendees to break out into a sweat (especially the competitive ones)!

However, although only natural, this caused outrage as it was viewed as unsightly to be seen with damp patches under the arm, particularly for the ladies. Consequently, it was decided that players should wear all white outfits to avoid sweat patches appearing on their coloured clothing!

Really, we just think it is a shame the dandi patch wasn’t invented back then, as all their problems would have been solved!

You can find out more about it in Valerie Warren’s book Tennis Fashions: Over 125 Years of Costume Change.

The rules have only got stricter

Tournaments such as the US Open have since reversed the rule allowing the players to wear coloured sports gear if they wish. However, Wimbledon has only got stricter enforcing further rules such as not allowing off-white or cream; put white is the only acceptable shade. Plus, new rules such as coloured trims must only span 1cm wide, and even medical supports should be white!

Do you like the white dress code?

Along with the grass courts, we must say that we feel the white attire is just another thing that makes Wimbledon unique. We love watching the players come out and see what outfit they are sporting, who would have ever thought tennis could be this glamorous?!

How to pull off the all-white trend…

If Wimbledon has got you thinking about how you can pull off an all-white outfit, then head to our Pinterest board WOW in White for some inspiration. And our biggest tip of all? Make sure you chuck out any old white tops that are ruined by yellow sweat stains, it really isn’t a good look. Know that going forwards, dandi patch can prevent yellow stains on any of your new white tops!


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