Tips for Virtual Dating

The last year has certainly been an interesting time for those of us that have been dating. For some, virtual has proved to be a success and others just can’t wait to get back to face to face dating. Whether we are ready or not this style of dating looks to be with us for a while. As lockdown is still not over then here are a few tips making a virtual date a success.

Dress like you are meeting in person
I know it is easy just to slob out and have your joggers and slippers on, even if it is just below the waist. But mentally by actually taking the time to dress up like a face-to-face date you will portray a different confidence in comparison to only have doing it. We all know how good it feels once we are dressed to impress. So no short cuts just because you are on video!

Be happy
I know that all dates can be nervous, however one thing to remember is smile! Apparently there has been some research carried out that found a direct link between the processing of the emotional expression of a face and how attractive it looks. The results they found was the stronger the smile, the more attractive the face looked. Easy, so just relax and make sure you have your biggest and best smile and you will be a hit in the looks department.

Keep focused
As in real life make sure you maintain eye contact with your date. It is so easy to look at your self on screen but it will look like you are uninterested. I know it is difficult as it is just like having a permanent mirror, so perhaps easier to make sure you keep yourself on the screen as small as possible for viewing and your date set to take most of the screen.

As with a real life date you need to be able to plan the evening. You do not have the luxury of being able to go to a restaurant or a bar, so why not plan ahead and each order take outs or perhaps both make cocktails. Or if that is not your thing then just think about how you would normally prepare for a date, think about what you are going to say. Ultimately keep it fun, and then this way you will avoid silences.


If virtual dating is not for you and you can’t wait to get back out there, then perhaps it is time to start online shopping and find a few outfits that you can wear for outside entertaining!

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